Tennis is statistical 메이저 사이트 betting at its best, and there are also really a lot of statistics available for the sport. The easiest route to find tennis statistics is the website of the International Central Tennis Organization, where you can see player statistics for the past year. There are significantly fewer surprising results in tennis than in hockey or football, for example, so you should rely on the statistics quite slavishly.

Great importance on the game platform

Tennis is mainly played on three different platforms: the mass court, the hard bottom court and the grass court. The importance of the game platform to the outcome of the match is great, especially if the other player is at his strongest on that particular platform. For example, hard-fed players tend to do better on a hard-bottomed field than on a mass field. It is therefore advisable to look at the player’s statistics from that particular platform before placing a bet.

Hard feeders with strong ones

Passing is by far the most important game performance in tennis. Hard and steady feeders are often more successful than weak feeders. Passing is also an easy way to win points, and hard pitchers can pass dozens of passes in a single match.

Playing hard pitchers is very lucrative in betting, as the general public does not usually find players of this style very entertaining. As a result, fewer bets are placed on hard-fed players than on entertaining players. This allows the betting investor a good chance to play.

Tennis home advantage

There is practically no home advantage in tennis. The sport is thus clearly different from, for example, football, where home advantage is of great importance. In tennis, a home advantage may even turn against a player if the player’s pressure endurance is not optimal. The home advantage should therefore not be taken into account when placing bets.

Entertainment Betting

Entertainment betting is one of the most grown forms of betting. After all, betting today is much more than just traditional sports betting. Entertainment betting makes it possible to place bets on, for example, the presidential election, reality TV programs and award gala. Entertainment betting has the potential to make money in the same way as sports betting, but as the name implies, it is more entertaining betting.

Entertainment betting is often a profitable form of betting for a betting company, as entertainment bets are often placed on a whim.

Different forms of betting

In addition to the many different types of betting, international betting companies also offer more and more different types of bets and forms of betting on their websites. Here are the most popular and profitable ones:

1X2 bets

1X2 bets are the most traditional form of betting, and many remember 1X2 bets from the already traditional Standard Betting. In practice, 1X2 bets bet on whether the match will end in a home win (1), a draw (X) or a away win (2). 1X2 bets are used for long bets, standard bets and single bets.

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