Playing in online casinos, whether on slot machine games or video slots, on jackpot slots, on table games such as roulette, poker or blackjack as software or in the form of live casino streams, should not be approached too lightly. Here you get 9 tips and tricks for playing in an internet918kiss game library. This means that you are well equipped to take advantage of the high opportunities to take profits and not to bet too much money.

Only use reputable online casinos

You should only play in internet game libraries that have an official and valid gambling license . There are plenty of them on the German-speaking Internet. Therefore, always make sure that the license is visible directly on the home page or at least in the imprint.

Only use the welcome bonus if it is worth it

Sure, the welcome bonus from Internet game libraries is always very attractive. Sometimes thousands of euros are given away so special credits to new players. However, these bonuses come with requirements. Minimum amounts must be deposited and wagered on machines to receive the casino bonus. This is nothing for casual or free players.

Know exactly what you want

Why do you want to register or log in to an online casino? Do you want to gamble on slot machines to get winnings? Do you want to crack jackpot slots like Microgaming? Or just improve your blackjack skills? Maybe you want to play tournaments or use live casino streams? There are specialized pages for individual offers.

Only use free games at first

To empathize with the game, online casinos offer free versions of the slots and table games. You should use this at the beginning.

Only use money that is expendable

If you want to play in an online casino and wager real money, then this tip is worth gold. Because you should only use money that you don’t need for fixed costs or your savings plan. Do you only have 10 € left a week? Then don’t bet more than 10 dollars a week.

Consider losses and gains separately

Sure, online casinos have an average payout ratio of 96 to 97 percent. With the millions of players that also mean that not everyone can win and certainly not when he needs it. So if you’ve lost most of your budget (9 out of 10 dollars), just stop. Never try to recoup losses through profits! That can quickly end in total loss.

Don’t bet your winnings, have them paid out

Just as you shouldn’t try to make up for losses with profits, it is also unwise to keep betting profits. If you have already doubled your budget after a few rounds (e.g. turned 10 euros into 20 euros), then stop and enjoy it.

Just play soberly

Whether for real money or for free games at slot machines, video slots and gaming tables, keep a clear head without alcohol and drugs.

Use progressive jackpots

When hunting for jackpots you should use the progressives. Read up when which jackpot machine throws out the profit on average, and get into the game accordingly. Good luck with it!

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